Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

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Apprenticeships & Internships

Our Story

Since its founding in 1931, Bridgestone Americas is rooted in innovation and dedicated to providing world-class tire and rubber-related products and services that improve lives around the globe. We strive to be a company trusted by the world. From tires to textiles, to golf balls and beyond, our thinkers don't settle for what works. We challenge ourselves to be innovative. As a leader in the tire and rubber-related industries, our goal is to further serve society and respond to customer needs. Bridgestone Americas and its subsidiaries are recognized internationally for producing a variety of quality products, including building and industrial materials, natural rubber, and industrial fibers and textiles as well as its retreading operations throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Why Join Our Team

At Bridgestone Americas, our journey to be a Premier Place to Work demands that we help set you up for success. So you can develop your skills, expand your knowledge, and be proud of your work and your growing contribution. Whether you work in a store, in a manufacturing plant or in a corporate office, we have programs and tools designed to help you reach for success. You strive to lead; we recognize it, we promote it. Commitment and performance at Bridgestone are rewarded with growth. At Bridgestone, we are committed to creating a premier place to work. Innovation isn’t just technological – it’s woven into the fabric of our culture. Here you are part of a team that energizes and empowers you, while displaying respect for what drives you. Having one of the best work experiences will in turn create a great experience for customers. At Bridgestone, we refer to the customer as “THE BOSS” and we recognize that going the extra mile for that customer is only possible if you feel Bridgestone doing the same for you. We welcome those who welcome change and reward those who make positive change of their own. We renew our commitment to you. As you experience success individually, it creates a ripple effect and we all become better. Trust your talent; trust the journey. Be Bridgestone.