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GE's Creator-In-Residence Sally Le Page visits GE's largest gas turbine manufacturing facility.

Discover how GE is paving the future of energy with our Greenville, SC plant, where we manufacture gas turbines. GE Engineering is developing alternative energy solutions for the future.

As science and technology race to keep up with the increasing demand for energy, Sally explores viable energy options for the future. She travels to GE’s facility in Greenville, South Carolina to see HArriet, the world’s first 9HA Gas Turbine, a powerful, fuel-efficient energy solution for the modern world.

Our Story

This is the largest gas turbine manufacturing plant with the most powerful off-grid gas turbine validation facility in the world. GE rigorously tests gas turbines here prior to field installation. The service center also offers on-site inspection, repair, and engineering.

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At GE we realize it is not about your career…it is not about your job title…it is about who you are…it is about your purpose. It is about the impact you are going to make on the world. Stay up to date on potential opportunities for your impact on the world through our Social Hub. See how GE employees are changing the world every day!