Greenwood Mills

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Over the last 128 years, a lot of cotton has been spun, and despite the ups and downs of the industry, the company survived by continuously reinventing its business model.
Fabrics with the character of quality since 1889
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Greenwood Mills remains the gold standard for textile companies. Throughout its long history of performance, innovation, and adaptation, the company has never compromised its values. That's why its customers keep coming back- and why the Greenwood Mills name will represent the highest quality fabrics for decades to come.

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Throughout many changes in the American textile industry, Greenwood Mills has always stayed one step ahead – of market forces, of new technologies, and of process innovations. Thanks to the leadership and steady hand of the Self Family, Greenwood Mills continues to be an industry leader and a pillar of its community. The Greenwood Mills story is one of an iconic South Carolina business whose commitment to quality remains the cornerstone of its success.