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Red Seal Measurement is the #1 worldwide provider of metering products, systems and services in industrial and refined fuel applications for electricity, gas, and water and heat markets. Red Seal Measurement is a company committed to selling products and services that improve the productivity of our customers. Red Seal Measurement is a provider of value-added products and services used to measure and control a wide variety of liquid fluids for custody transfer and general-purpose applications. We are committed to innovative solutions that increase value for our customers. We help them to manage resources, enhance transactions, and strengthen relationships with their own customers. Red Seal Measurement is a leader in the world of smart solutions by providing leading-edge technology to enable innovative inventory management systems.

Why Join Our Team

In keeping with Red Seal Measurement’s worldwide standard of excellence, we are committed to developing, producing, marketing, and selling the most advanced, high-quality products and providing the highest quality of service to our Customers. The customer is at the heart of Red Seal Measurement culture. Equally central to that culture is the belief that to ensure customer satisfaction, the Company must hire, train, and motivate the best people in the industry. We are committed to hiring the very best and to provide our employees with development programs and career opportunities. Our people’s motivation and our customers’ satisfaction are interdependent. We are committed to addressing both with dedication and flexibility. As an employee of Red Seal Measurement, pride in yourself, your work, and the contribution that you make to serve our customers is vital to our success. Your success is based on many factors including your ability, results, and your potential to progress. We appreciate your efforts and trust that your employment will be mutually beneficial.
Red Seal Measurement Has 63 Associates
Red Seal Measurement Has 63 Associates