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Robert Bosch, LLC in Charleston | SC | USA

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Who are we and what do we do? Well, you probably use our products and don't even realize it. They are in your car, home, and even in your cell phones. Bosch creates products that improve your quality of life. We are global company with over 375,000 associates in ~60 countries. We don't just make car parts, power tools or dishwashers - we are also on the cutting edge of connected industry which will be instrumental in moving towards a more connected world. Bosch is ahead of the curve when it comes to digitization. Check out how we are impacting today's automotive sector HERE. What do the Panama Canal, London Bridge, Silicon Valley and the Sydney Opera House have in common? They’re powered by Bosch in one way or another. Bosch is all over the world, but we are also in your backyard. Bosch has 3 locations in South Carolina with close to 5,000 associates. The Charleston Plant is the largest Bosch facility in the US and produces fuel injectors and braking systems. We are nationally known for our apprentice program where we provide world class training for today's workforce.