Name: Kenneth Lybrand
Occupation: Senior Apprentice (Youth Apprentice), Senior at Aiken High School
Assigned Division: Assembly
Length of Employment at MTU: 2 years

MTU is a manufacturer of Series 2000 and Series 4000 Diesel Engines.

Kenneth Lybrand is a graduate of Aiken High School, where he earned the opportunity to be a youth apprentice at MTU through the Aiken Career Center. He currently works in the assembly division where they assemble the finished engine. He has learned valuable skills during his time with MTU such as teamwork and patience, as well as other technical experience that will help him in the future when pursuing a career in industrial maintenance.



Name: Nigeria Williams
Occupation: Co-Op Intern studying Mechanical Engineering (Youth Apprentice Graduate), first year student at Aiken Technical College
Assigned Division: Machining Department
Length of Employment at MTU: 4 years

Nigeria Williams began her time at MTU as a participant in the Youth Apprenticeship program. After graduating high school, she began taking classes at Aiken Technical College to become an engineer. Nigeria works in the machining division where she offers support by doing studies, data collection and layouts that go into MTU engines. Nigeria enjoys the team atmosphere and the challenges that her job brings. She was awarded the prestigious German American Chambers of Commerce Trainee of the Year in 2014.