SCMA and State Officials Announce the Debut of SC Future Makers

SCMA and State Officials Announce the Debut of SC Future Makers

April 6, 2016
Contact: James Richter
Mobile: 803.528.1288

(Chapin, South Carolina) – Today, the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance and state officials announced the debut of the South Carolina Future Makers workforce initiative.

Powered by STEM Premier, South Carolina Future Makers’ mission is to increase the skilled workforce pipeline entering advanced manufacturing and technical related careers. Through partnerships with multiple school districts, the Future Makers initiative is reaching young persons, parents, and educators to inform those audiences of the opportunities, rewarding careers, and proper education pathways to earn skills necessary for a technical career. This public-private effort was created in response to the growing workforce challenges facing manufacturers and related fields in recruiting skilled and talented associates.

Featured on the South Carolina Future Makers website are five videos filmed with Governor Nikki Haley showcasing associates at manufacturing and technology locations. Companies featured in videos are BMW Manufacturing Co., Boeing South Carolina, Bridgestone, MTU, and Red Ventures.

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“South Carolina Future Makers, through the videos and information on the newly launched website, will help students, parents and educators navigate the new landscape of apprenticeships, internships and job opportunities available to our high school graduates – the future members of our world class workforce.” – Governor Nikki Haley

“South Carolina Future Makers is the best of the public and private sector coming together to open the world of manufacturing and technology careers to children and their parents. It is here that we will ensure that South Carolina meets workforce needs for years to come.” – Lewis F. Gossett, President & CEO, SC Manufacturers Alliance

“At its core, economic development is all about creating opportunities and choices. The South Carolina Future Makers initiative will help us accomplish this. Connecting students, parents and teachers with industry, this initiative will expose our young people to what the workplace is actually like in a variety of industries, creating a better understanding of opportunities available in South Carolina’s dynamic economy.” – Bobby Hitt, Secretary of Commerce

“South Carolina Future Makers offers an excellent platform for students, parents, and educators to learn more about available jobs and careers in South Carolina and engages students in the process by putting them in charge of their own achievement. I look forward to working with the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance on this important workforce initiative and know that it will help students find the best pathway to success.” – Molly Spearman, Superintendent of Education

“Manufacturing is one of our state’s largest and growing industry. To meet these employers’ needs, the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce is committed to providing them with a pipeline of workers who have the technology and skills needed to compete for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs. We are pleased to partner with South Carolina Future Makers and STEM Premier to provide a platform to help employers match a worker’s skills and talents with available opportunities. This will help us achieve the goal of putting South Carolinians to work.” – Cheryl Stanton, Executive Director of the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce

“The technology is changing every aspect of our lives is also changing manufacturing methodologies faster than text books can be printed and students reached in the classroom. To reach the next generation of students with the most up-to-date information for guidance in career decisions, it is imperative that the Legislative and Executive branches of Government along with all associated departments and agencies work as ‘Team South Carolina’ to meet immediate and future job skill demands.” –Dwight Loftis, SC House of Representatives – Greenville-District 19


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